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Tumbled Carnelian

Tumbled Carnelian

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ONE Tumbled Carnelian, measuring approximately 10-25mm x 5-15mm.

Carnelian is often referred to as the "Artist's Stone" for its ability to stoke the flames of creativity and innovation. It's the spark that ignites your inner fire, whether you're an artist, writer, musician, or simply someone looking to infuse more passion into life.

Ways to Embrace Carnelian's Energy:

Creative Boost: Hold a Carnelian crystal while brainstorming or working on your artistic projects. It's like having a muse in your pocket.

Motivation and Confidence: Carry Carnelian with you to boost your self-confidence and drive, making those big dreams feel more achievable.

Tarot Synergy: Pair Carnelian with your tarot readings to infuse your intuitive practice with courage and clarity. It's like having a motivational coach for your readings.

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