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Tumbled Amazonite

Tumbled Amazonite

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ONE Tumbled Amazonite, measuring approximately 15-25mm.

Amazonite is the "Stone of Truth and Courage." Its gentle, aqua-blue hue calms the mind and empowers you to speak your truth with confidence.

Ways to Harness Amazonite's Magic:

Embrace Your Authentic Self: Hold an Amazonite cube to connect with your inner truth and authenticity. Let its energy guide you toward expressing your thoughts and feelings honestly.

Pair It with Tarot: Amazonite is a perfect companion for tarot readings. It enhances your intuition and helps you see beyond the surface, making your readings more insightful and accurate.

Rituals of Clarity: Incorporate Amazonite into your rituals for mental clarity and heartfelt communication. It's like having a heart-to-heart conversation with your higher self. 

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