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Rough Amethyst

Rough Amethyst

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ONE Rough Amethyst Crystals, small measuring approximately 37mm in length and 24 in width, medium measuring approximately 44mm in length and 41mm in width.

The Stone of Spiritual Awakening:

Amethyst has long been celebrated as the "Stone of Spiritual Wisdom." Its calming and purifying energy can guide you towards inner peace, clarity, and enlightenment.

Ways to Harness Amethyst's Magic:

Meditative Marvel: Hold Amethyst during meditation to soothe your mind, enhance focus, and access deeper states of consciousness.

Tarot Harmony: Pair Amethyst with your tarot deck to amplify your intuitive abilities and gain clearer insights during readings. It's like having a spiritual GPS.

Rituals and Healing: Amethyst is often used in energy healing, chakra balancing, and dream work. It can be a soothing presence in your rituals and ceremonies, creating a serene and harmonious atmosphere.

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