How to Pull Your Own Tarot Cards

How to Pull Your Own Tarot Cards

Tarot holds the power to unlock hidden truths and guide us on our life journey. This practice of pulling cards is not reserved for professional readers; it's a tool for everyone and aids in personal growth, self-reflection and receiving messages from your spirit guides.  While some may turn to professional Tarot readers, the ability to pull your own cards and interpret their meanings is a skill and science anyone can use.

Exploring Tarot Spreads

Tarot spreads are layouts that dictate the arrangement of cards in a reading. Each spread has a unique purpose and offers insights into specific aspects of life. Here are some common Tarot spreads and their meanings:

One-Card Spread: Perfect for daily reflections, this spread offers a concise answer to a specific question or a general message for the day.

Three-Card Spread: The past, present, and future spread provides insight into the context of a situation, offering a holistic view of an issue.

Celtic Cross Spread: A comprehensive spread that delves deep into the past, present influences, and future outcomes, along with insights into obstacles and personal attitudes.

How to Pull Your Own Cards

Pulling your own Tarot cards is a simple yet profound process:

Set Your Intention: Clearly state your question or intention for the reading. Be specific and open to receiving guidance.

Shuffle the Deck: Focus on your question while shuffling the cards, allowing your energy to infuse them.

Draw Your Cards: You can cut the deck and pick your cards, shuffle the cards until they fall out or use your own method of choosing cards that you feel drawn to, there is no wrong way.

Interpret the Cards: Trust your intuition and analyze each card's symbolism, position, and relation to the question. If you don't know all of the 78 card's meanings yet, we have you covered. You can use our digital guidebook to help, or purchase The Teller Tarot + Guidebook for a physical copy with in depth descriptions for each card. Even better, we have an app brewing that will allow you to scan in your spreads and receive detailed tellings (coming soon)!

General vs. Love vs. Career Readings

The context of a Tarot reading influences the interpretation:

General Readings: Offer insights into various aspects of your life, providing a comprehensive view of your current situation and future possibilities.

Love Readings: Delve into matters of the heart, exploring romantic connections, potential partners, and relationship dynamics.

Career Readings: Focus on work, job opportunities, and professional growth, helping you navigate your career path.

When to Pull Cards and Why

Knowing when to pull Tarot cards is crucial:

Daily Reflection: Start your day with a one or three card draw for insight and inspiration.

Decision-Making: When facing choices or dilemmas, Tarot can illuminate potential outcomes.

Emotional Guidance: During times of emotional turbulence, Tarot can provide clarity and comfort.

Goal Setting: Pull cards when setting intentions or goals to align your path with your desires.


Remember, Tarot is your personal key to receiving messages from the universe whenever you need them, providing clarity, empowerment, and a deeper connection to your life's journey.

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