Minor Arcana | Upright Meanings

Minor Arcana | Upright Meanings

The Minor Arcana in tarot is a deck comprised of 56 cards, divided into four suits: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. These cards delve into everyday experiences, emotions, and challenges. Here's a concise summary of all the Minor Arcana cards in their upright positions, offering insight into the various aspects of life they represent.


Ace of Wands (Upright): Inspiration, new opportunities, and creative energy.

Two of Wands (Upright): Planning, vision, and making choices for the future.

Three of Wands (Upright): Expansion, foresight, and reaping the rewards of your efforts.

Four of Wands (Upright): Celebration, harmony, and a sense of achievement.

Five of Wands (Upright): Competition, challenges, and the need for conflict resolution.

Six of Wands (Upright): Victory, recognition, and public acclaim.

Seven of Wands (Upright): Defense, standing your ground, and overcoming obstacles.

Eight of Wands (Upright): Swift action, progress, and communication.

Nine of Wands (Upright): Resilience, determination, and facing challenges with courage.

Ten of Wands (Upright): Burden, responsibility, and the need to delegate or seek help.


Ace of Cups (Upright): New emotional beginnings, love, and overflowing emotions.

Two of Cups (Upright): Partnership, unity, and the harmony of shared feelings.

Three of Cups (Upright): Celebration, friendship, and joyful gatherings.

Four of Cups (Upright): Contemplation, introspection, and searching for deeper meaning.

Five of Cups (Upright): Loss, grief, and the need to focus on what remains.

Six of Cups (Upright): Nostalgia, childhood memories, and acts of kindness.

Seven of Cups (Upright): Choices, daydreams, and the exploration of desires.

Eight of Cups (Upright): Letting go, seeking emotional fulfillment, and embarking on a new journey.

Nine of Cups (Upright): Contentment, emotional satisfaction, and wishes coming true.

Ten of Cups (Upright): Harmony, happiness, and fulfillment in family and relationships.


Ace of Swords (Upright): Mental clarity, new ideas, and breakthroughs in communication.

Two of Swords (Upright): Decision-making, balance, and finding compromise.

Three of Swords (Upright): Heartbreak, grief, and emotional pain.

Four of Swords (Upright): Rest, recuperation, and healing through inner peace.

Five of Swords (Upright): Conflict, confrontation, and the consequences of winning at all costs.

Six of Swords (Upright): Transition, moving on, and leaving behind troubled waters.

Seven of Swords (Upright): Deception, sneakiness, and the need to be cautious.

Eight of Swords (Upright): Restriction, feeling trapped, and self-imposed limitations.

Nine of Swords (Upright): Anxiety, nightmares, and mental distress.

Ten of Swords (Upright): Endings, rock bottom, and the possibility of a fresh start.


Ace of Pentacles (Upright): New financial opportunities, prosperity, and abundance.

Two of Pentacles (Upright): Balance, adaptability, and managing multiple priorities.

Three of Pentacles (Upright): Collaboration, craftsmanship, and recognition for your work.

Four of Pentacles (Upright): Financial security, stability, and a cautious approach to spending.

Five of Pentacles (Upright): Hardship, poverty, and the need for support during tough times.

Six of Pentacles (Upright): Generosity, charity, and a fair distribution of wealth.

Seven of Pentacles (Upright): Assessment, patience, and waiting for the fruits of your labor to ripen.

Eight of Pentacles (Upright): Dedication, craftsmanship, and mastering your skills.

Nine of Pentacles (Upright): Self-sufficiency, luxury, and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Ten of Pentacles (Upright): Legacy, wealth, and a harmonious family life.


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