Minor Arcana | Reverse Meanings

Minor Arcana | Reverse Meanings

The Minor Arcana in tarot offers a vivid portrayal of everyday experiences, emotions, and challenges. When these cards appear in reverse positions, they unveil a distinct layer of interpretation, often highlighting obstacles or inner conflicts.


Ace of Wands (Reversed): Lack of inspiration, missed opportunities, or creative blockages.

Two of Wands (Reversed): Indecision, lack of direction, or feeling stuck in a rut.

Three of Wands (Reversed): Delayed rewards, frustration, or feeling as though your efforts are in vain.

Four of Wands (Reversed): Disharmony, celebration plans gone awry, or a lack of stability.

Five of Wands (Reversed): Resolving conflicts, avoiding confrontations, or inner turmoil.

Six of Wands (Reversed): Struggles, setbacks, or difficulties in gaining recognition.

Seven of Wands (Reversed): Compromising your values, giving up, or feeling overwhelmed by opposition.

Eight of Wands (Reversed): Delays in communication, miscommunication, or stalled progress.

Nine of Wands (Reversed): Defensiveness, giving up too easily, or feeling defeated.

Ten of Wands (Reversed): Letting go of burdens, delegating tasks, or seeking relief from overwhelming responsibilities.


Ace of Cups (Reversed): Blocked emotions, emotional turmoil, or difficulty expressing feelings.

Two of Cups (Reversed): Relationship conflicts, disharmony, or the need to address issues within partnerships.

Three of Cups (Reversed): Overindulgence, excessive celebrations, or strained friendships.

Four of Cups (Reversed): Ignoring opportunities, resistance to change, or a lack of contentment.

Five of Cups (Reversed): Accepting loss, moving on, or finding hope amidst disappointment.

Six of Cups (Reversed): Dwelling on the past, unresolved childhood issues, or nostalgia leading to stagnation.

Seven of Cups (Reversed): Clarity of mind, making decisions, or moving away from daydreams.

Eight of Cups (Reversed): Avoiding necessary emotional changes, fear of letting go, or clinging to the past.

Nine of Cups (Reversed): Shallow satisfaction, materialism, or unfulfilled wishes.

Ten of Cups (Reversed): Dysfunctional family dynamics, disharmony, or unfulfilled dreams of family happiness.


Ace of Swords (Reversed): Mental confusion, lack of clarity, or struggles with communication.

Two of Swords (Reversed): Avoiding difficult decisions, refusing to compromise, or inner turmoil.

Three of Swords (Reversed): Healing from heartbreak, emotional recovery, or letting go of pain.

Four of Swords (Reversed): Restlessness, burnout, or difficulty finding inner peace.

Five of Swords (Reversed): Reconciliation, truce, or seeking resolution after conflicts.

Six of Swords (Reversed): Stagnation, resisting change, or feeling unable to move forward.

Seven of Swords (Reversed): Honesty, admitting to deception, or letting go of secretive behaviors.

Eight of Swords (Reversed): Breaking free from limitations, gaining clarity, or finding solutions to problems.

Nine of Swords (Reversed): Easing anxiety, moving away from nightmares, or seeking mental peace.

Ten of Swords (Reversed): Gradual recovery, the end of suffering, or moving away from rock bottom.


Ace of Pentacles (Reversed): Missed opportunities, financial setbacks, or a lack of abundance.

Two of Pentacles (Reversed): Imbalance, overwhelmed by responsibilities, or struggling to manage priorities.

Three of Pentacles (Reversed): Lack of teamwork, conflicts in collaboration, or unappreciated efforts.

Four of Pentacles (Reversed): Releasing financial insecurity, letting go of possessions, or becoming more generous.

Five of Pentacles (Reversed): Finding support, overcoming hardship, or improving financial circumstances.

Six of Pentacles (Reversed): Unfairness, charity with strings attached, or feeling taken advantage of.

Seven of Pentacles (Reversed): Impatience, frustration with slow progress, or doubting your efforts.

Eight of Pentacles (Reversed): Neglecting your work, losing interest in skills, or feeling unfulfilled.

Nine of Pentacles (Reversed): Overdependence on others, financial loss, or a loss of independence.

Ten of Pentacles (Reversed): Family disputes, conflicts over inheritance, or financial instability within the family.

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