Major Arcana | Reversed Meanings

Major Arcana | Reversed Meanings

The Major Arcana cards in their reversed positions provide an additional layer of insight and guidance, revealing challenges, obstacles, and areas where personal growth is needed. When interpreted alongside their upright meanings, these cards offer a comprehensive view of the complexities of life's journey, highlighting both the light and shadow aspects of our experiences.

The Fool (Reversed): Missed opportunities, recklessness, or hesitancy to take risks.

The Magician (Reversed): Misdirection, manipulation, or a misuse of skills and resources.

The High Priestess (Reversed): Ignoring intuition, hidden agendas, or a lack of insight.

The Empress (Reversed): Neglect, stagnation, or smothering.

The Emperor (Reversed): Tyranny, chaos, or a lack of leadership.

The Hierophant (Reversed): Questioning tradition, breaking away from spiritual conventions, or challenging authority.

The Lovers (Reversed): Disharmony in relationships, choices leading to conflict, or difficulty finding harmony.

The Chariot (Reversed): Lack of control, scattered energy, or obstacles that seem insurmountable.

Strength (Reversed): Weakness, self-doubt, or inner turmoil.

The Hermit (Reversed): Isolation, loneliness, or resisting the need for introspection.

Wheel of Fortune (Reversed): Cycles of misfortune, unexpected setbacks, or a feeling of being stuck in a negative cycle.

Justice (Reversed): Injustice, imbalance, or facing consequences that feel unjust.

The Hanged Man (Reversed): Refusing to let go, resistance to change, or clinging to old patterns.

Death (Reversed): Resistance to transformation, fear of change, or stagnation.

Temperance (Reversed): Imbalance, disharmony, or difficulty finding a middle ground.

The Devil (Reversed): Breaking free from bondage, liberation from temptations, or overcoming materialistic illusions.

The Tower (Reversed): Avoiding necessary upheaval, delayed revelations, or resisting inevitable changes.

The Star (Reversed): Loss of hope, feeling lost in the dark, or struggling to find inspiration.

The Moon (Reversed): Confusion, emotional instability, or misinterpreting intuitive guidance.

The Sun (Reversed): Diminished vitality, lack of joy, or difficulties finding success and enlightenment.

Judgment (Reversed): Avoiding self-reflection, refusal to face consequences, or missed opportunities for transformation.

The World (Reversed): Incompletion, feeling unfulfilled, or falling short of realizing one's potential.


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